Sunday, December 13, 2009


So today we went for a long walk in the snow with Anouki. So nice. when we came back i made the best Almond pie! here is the recipe:
Ingrédients : (Organic)

120 g almonds powder + 2 spoons of almond purée if u have any
+ 110 gr sugar ,mix with
+ 80 g butter melted
+ 2 Big spoons of fLour (rye) + 1/2 spoon of non chemical raising powder
+ 3 eggs mix one by one
pour the mix on top of

+ 1 (flaky pastry ready to use) pâte feuilletée prête à l'emploi
cut an apple in the mix put 30 minutes in the oven 200° miam
have a great evening!


Paloma said...

lovely !!! :) !!!

La sirène said...

C'est beau les photos! L'a l'air bon le gatô !

Hanna Päivikki said...

how beautiful pictures! it must be an amazing place where you are living. and snow is the best. we also got some snow yesterday and during the night and now everything is white. it just gives me a very good feeling.

wishing you a good week!

at swim-two-birds said...

love these pictures, very romantic too, and than the pie!!, your Anouki has cute little hands :-)

la casita said...

beautyful pictures, it looks like love is all around :)

ashleyhelvey at yahoo dot com said...

such beautiful and inspiring photos! that salad looks so delicious too! is it mushroom and avocado?

mathilda said...

I was also in the snow this Sunday, a little farther north ... but without these so beautiful boots! Merci pour la recette de l'almond pie. Quelle sauce tu mets dans la salade Mushroom / Avocado?

Fine Little Day said...

Magical photos Gini.

hiki said...

wow the snow!!!
and oh what gorgeous photographs!!
i really love them gini!