Wednesday, March 24, 2010

lili melo!

bonjour again!
yesterday i met lovely lili melo for lunch...she is yet another talented girl!she does beautiful illustrations and photography and lives not far from me!
she gave me & anouki the cutest little basket full of presents!
thank you so much lili!


our little love nest said...

I love the smiley face! It is the best one ever. xo

la casita said...

oh those four teeth :)))

at swim-two-birds said...

oh, how sweet!! lucky teeth

lilie-melo said...

Anouki est si craquant !!!
Et moi là, je souris tout autant :)

karin said...

and she is a talent!
Anouki smiles with lots of teeth,
he really looks dangerous :)

misako mimoko said...

bonjour gini!!
this lovely anuki's image made my day!

you are so lucky you've got one of my favorite mogu's stuffies! nice drawings from her too