Sunday, October 17, 2010

Anouki is getting taught about fire. People make little fires with their dead leaves around our mountains. he loves being in a tent we call it "cabane".
i rarely put make up on nowadays but i do prefer me with it.
i randomly encountered my sister i hadnt seen her for 20 years! i look like her.
i still have 3 to find! crazy!
i made this two stars. Anouki can't sleep without...i 've put sibblings in my shop.
i also put this little rabbit (piggy bank).
im still figuring out what to do with the baby blue shawl i made?


Miss Fanchon said...

Oh my god, my brother had the exact same rabbit piggy bank. It had a little tuft of white feathers for a tail. He broke it accidentally. It was a big tragedy in our home...

C SATHAL costume et design textile said...

La feuille dans tes cheveux est superbe!

karin said...

wow that turquoise cloudsomething wrapped around your head.