Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cocoon et Taro Gomi

im so happy today Cocoon beautiful packet arrived!!! it is soooo delicate! i love it.
also got this book for ANouki by Taro Gomi it is so great cause we're gonna be able to make lots of things with it it's more than just a book!!!i did some customizing so much better than the original!


masami said...

merci à toi! alors, tu as gouté ? Bises

Ritva said...

lucky you!
it´s so great to receive packages,
especially packages like that!

melindatrees said...

hello.nice to visit here.
gomi taro's books were one of the first i learnt to look for when i scanned all the spines of books in secondhand shops in tokyo.
thankyou for your nice comment on my blog.i dont have a website.i will put the email link on my blog now.
bye, melinda

handmade romance said...

so many lovely things in this post. that book looks wonderful. have fun!