Tuesday, November 29, 2011


hey hey!
i've been really busy, cause we're making a children shOw! making puppets from scratch is hardwork but fun!our hOme is in such a mess. but it's a good mess.
i spoke about Beatrice Alemagna long time ago here is her new bOOk "bugs in the Garden" she is genius. been having big knots in my hair im so ready to cut them. i'll show you when i do.
and you how are you?


gina said...

Crazy busy, like
everyone else! It's
all good though.
(Well, mostly.)

Looking forward to
seeing those puppets!

gini said...

oui!!! gina!! hope you're well
xxx gini

Judith said...

I know about crazy mess gini,especially around this time of year..i work in a Kindergarten so i have children's art work everywhere waiting to be collated, for them to give to their parents for Christmas!
Can't wait to see your puppets! x x