Thursday, September 27, 2012



Anonymous said...

Last winter I got pregnant. I was happy and horrified. Horrified because I was afraid of losing my freedom and not to have time for creating my own art. But then I somehow found your blog and wasn't so much afraid anymore. I got the feeling that you can easily be a mother and an artist at the same time, and it's even fun. So now I have a little baby boy and I am not afraid anymore, only in love with him and feeling very creative aswel. Thank you for sharing parts of your life and art here in your blog. It's encouraging and inspiring!

gini said...

HeLLo Elisa,
i am very very touched by your mail. it was not so easy to start with but we managed to do an album, gigs, i also did 2 drawing exhibitions. i still dont know how!it was in a time of 4 years though. so with ur mail i realise what i did and im happy so thank you very much, really.
hope we keep in touch.