Sunday, March 22, 2009

heLLoooOoo, sunny sunday happy.
we didnt gO out, toO windy.
i managed to sleep a little and had weird dreams,
some people say it's when u eat cheese?
regis is stiLL tidying downstairs ; so we'LL soon have a beautifUL studiO and we can record our 2nd albUm...
im making parmesan rice and courge gratin but it wiLL never be as gOod as regis mum's one.
yesterday we went to Nice very early morning, so when we arrived in the old town vieux Nice, we enjoyed a pain au chocolat at a sunny café. we also went to the biblioteque and got some dvds and children books. i watched Kate Bush story: so coOL.
i saw my beautifUl friends R, C and M. we changed Anouki's nappy in the streets like bohemians i lOved it. and he did too.
lOok at this picture of me...looks like sOmeone i know.

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