Monday, March 23, 2009

i am a mother

i love motherhood... today i made chocolate flAns with brioches. i've received the most amazing books : yurio Seki japanese graphic designer ordered through amazon uk (cheaper then amazon france) and from the same author a felt salvia book from pomadour 24's shop on etsy.
im gonna sew an ipod pocket for C and finish her little package for our exchange arragement with things we collect. thank u again Pryscille for this beautiful wooL jumper...
oh i think anouki could look like this little boy one day?


amandine said...

bonjour gini, ici amandine! celine m'avait donne l'adresse de ton blog et elle n'avait pas menti, c'est bien joli par ici... et puis, anouki est vraiment trop mignon!!!! des bises xxx

n a t s u m i said...

bonjour gini,
The boy is so cute and makes me smile!! I love a designer, Seki Yoriyo too! Her design is so beautiful and pretty!! ox

misako mimoko said...

hello gini! nice to meet you :)
thanks a lot for your sweet words.
have a nice day!!

julia said...

i love your pics!
and i love being a mother,TOO!

i loved the feeling being pregnant, such a great thing, and i loved giving birth- besides the pain, but it´s a part of it!

all in all: I LOVE BEING A WOMAN!

la sirene said...

Petit poulet*** je te suis de près... Love love love***