Friday, August 7, 2009


! Bonjour ! we went to JUNKU my favorite bookstore! but i didnt buy anything yet...then we went to a very nice japanese restautrant in rue st Anne (metro pyramides) they were specialised in Yakitori but we had sashimi and griLLed saLmon! oh i lOOOve japanese food so we might go back to rue st Anne and try different restaurant next tiMe. This morning we sLept tiLL 12 the 3 of us! so good. here is a picture from a book in JUnku but i dont know who did it! if anyone knows? and then a picture of CarL Larsson i Love his deLicate wOrLd and it makes me want to go to Sweden even More! xxx gini

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Toktokada said...

héhé, ah, votre séjour parisien a l'air très agréable. Pour manger de la super bonne nourriture japonaise, allez chez kunitoraya rue ste anne. c'est vraiment traditionelle et leurs soupes sont à tomber. et pour le dessin, il s'agit de Keiko Minami. je suis aussi tombée sur son travail cette année et je crois qu'il existe un livre de ces dessins qui s'appelle "bonheur".