Sunday, September 27, 2009

bOnjour bOnjour! today we went to a farm next to my hOme and we boughtLien some goat cheese, yummy! there was a Lot of aniMaLs that Anouki never even saw in his Life before! he got a bit scared with the cows!
it was great to be in the fieLds the whOLe day and i could totally live this Life (p16/17) in a YouRte.
but for now we're decided to Live in Paris for 6 months in 2010 but we wiLL keep our hoMe in the Moutains.
wwe have to promote the band and Paris is the best pLace to start. I stiLL need to do the inside cover of the new aLbum. i wiLL show you soon...
Oh and i know some of you were interested in buying our first aLbum so you can do so with a PaypaL link on our myspace page here
and aLso thank you to ELisabeth for putting my pictures in your blog , your bLog is probabLy the reason why i started a bLog myseLf....heehee

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La sirène said...

Hey... mais... mais... mais!!!! YouhOooOOu!!!!!