Sunday, September 13, 2009

bOnjour ! hOpe you had a great sunday!
we finaLLy went on the hunt for BLackberries and these Ladies were hard to find but with the heLp of my brother we found soMe, weLL actuaLLy 450 gr!heehee i was so haPPy, nevermind the scratch marks...
taLking about hunt, today was the beginning of the hunting season which makes me sick.
So as we were walking in the field, we heard gunshots far away. ok, 15 minutes passed and i saw a big Deer with his majestuous horns...and my mind tilted! i started shouting 'assasins' which means murderers and 'let him live' (to make the deer flee) as i was shouting there was no noise just the echo of my voice
(Liberated from so much shouting!)
so i think i kinda save the deer's life for another week! but hey i might just do that every weekend go in the forest and scream or sing loud to disturb the hunters!
anyway before that episode i made reaL good Muffins iwas proud ,cause i ,most of the time don't dare write it in the bLog but, i do burn a Lot of cakes! receipe here


Fine Little Day said...

How dramatic. Good thing you saved him.

These are so beautiful photos Gini, annd the Muffins looks yummi :)

la sirene said...

Tes photos sont magnifiques!!! J'adore!
Nous on revient de geneve, on a retrouvé Timoté en pleine forme et heureux comme un poisson dans son école... C'est pas mal Genève quand même. Je vous embrasse tous les 3**

trinsch said...

i'm happy you saved him! let's cross our fingers and hope he'll make it through the season.

beautiful shots - the blueberries look yummy!

so, where does your friend live in israel? how come she's here? jewish? or did she stumble upon the love of her life and suddennly found herself here under the middle eastern sun? (like me ;)

Sara said...

Just found your blog and I like it!
Blackberrypicking time up here to.

caroline*cinqmai said...

ben j'aurais bien voulu goûter quelques blueberries dans tes montagnes du sud...bises

kinako said...

hi i'm back :) i love these pictures! you're making me want to bake. i'm happy you saved the deer!