Saturday, October 24, 2009

Japan special

Mammoth magazine


puppet i made from regis drawing last year...:

oh how much i Love Japan...i discovered Tokyo thanks to my best friend ChLoé and went twice but that's not enough...i so want to go back!so here is are some of my favorite things at the moment...
Mammoth Magazine
merci beaucoup LabeL, SO-En magazine,wonderfuL art from Mogu takahashi
hiki's shop uguisu

and Megumi's bLog...


trui chielens said...

What a wonderfull things you show here!
loooove the two first pics!
nice weekend for you to! x

at swim-two-birds said...

I love your Japan special very much!!!!!!!!!
that magazine looks fantastic, and the doll too :-)
thanks for the links.
have a nice weekend, we got an extra hour remember!!!!

lili scratchy said...

Moi aussi je suis dingue du japon...
J'y suis allé 2 fois et rêve d'y retourner!!
ta poupée est géniale !!
merci pour ce spécial japon!!
bon dimanche,

hiki said...

oh gini! your puppet is gorgeous!!!
and i love mormors scandinavia, what a lovely shop! Thank you so much for sharing it ;)

erika said...

These all look sogreat, I would love to go to Japan and specially to Tokyo, hope that will be soon.

Fine Little Day said...

What a great post!

mieke willems said...

beautiful post! lucky you to have been to japan! would love to go one day too!! and how great, the toy you made, its super beautiful!!

Toktokada said...

bé ouais je suis d'accord ces japonais ils sont fort !!! Ta poupette est géniale, bravo !!

pomme said...

c'est joli et tentant tout ce que tu nous montres.