Saturday, October 3, 2009

mormors scandinavia

here is a great bLog of Megumi a
japanese girL living in Denmark:
Mormors scandinavia in the lounge

apples from Maryse garden...

mormors scandinavia


Tania said...

One look at those apples and I can already taste apple pie. Sweet and dribbly with crispy, buttery pastry and a dollop of ice cream (never was much of a cream girl, sadly).

Megumi Pedersen said...

Thank you so much Gini...! You are so sweet. :-)The picture was taken 2 days after we moved to a new home, and so a cat and little baby Gustav seems a little bit tired:-)The cat just started to fall asleep in middle of playing, and Gustav started to sleep in middle of drinking milk. hehe.