Thursday, November 19, 2009

anouki in Papier maché deco!


Bonjour! how is everyone?
check Anouki's room in Papier maché's great deco supplement, you can get it here
and aLso Elisabeth's beautiful poster...(but someone did a mistake by writing anouki is 18 months so don't pay attention haha!actually Anouki just turned 11 months so soon is BIG birthday tiMe!......)


la casita said...

Viva Anouki! I love the shelves with all the blue things, and the drawings are very very nice, and made me laugh too!
Bravi GINIfamili.

vermiljoen said...

I saw it, and it made me smile!!

La sirène said...

WooOoh! La star* **$

Gina said...

The happiest year of my life was the first year of my son's life! I have some idea of the joy you have and it always shines through on your blog.

chacha said...

C'est cool de découvrir l'univers d'Anouki, ses jouets adorables et surtout son magnifique poster de yok-yok donc je suis absolument fan ...

ayelet(nishale) said...

I bought it and its great! thats hoe I found your blog!!! its wonderful!
I also want to invite you to my blog! there is also a little giveaway of one of my illustrations there now!
hope to see you!
and nice to meet you!

pulisciano said...

Il est trop mignon mon petit Anouki!Gros baisers de sa mémé Maryse de Nice