Sunday, November 22, 2009

l'appareiL photo perdu

i have Lost my camera (in my house) so imagine how fuLL of things my home can be haha! so no pictures today....oh yeah oLd photo of my studio & the gocco ink made a shape.what do you see?


parisa mahmoudi said...

Well,at first I saw some fruits and then I saw a man with a mustache and a glasses.
Have a nice week

Fine Little Day said...

Love your place Gini :)!

I see a way from two opposite directions leading to a bridge in the middle. I also see two figures riding on each delphin.

la casita said...

Yaiiii Giniii, this is so you! ih ih ih...baci

la casita said...

Oh yes, I forgot: I can see two weird birds holding a worm in their beacks...maybe because it's dinner time :)

Isabelle Kessedjian said...

je suis intéressée par le mug mobile.
Je n'est pas trouver votre mail.
A bientôt

angela said...

Bonjour! What a gorgeous studio space, I love it!!!