Friday, January 15, 2010

Lili & OLy!!!!

can u see the white birds?


iLili @ petit pan store!merci lili for showing us this amazing store

OLy & Bobori

crumble troubLe

Lili & Bobori

Lili 's present for me waouuuuu!& much more

OLy 's present for me waou!


our meeting

au petit bohneur la chance

it started with a gray day but it didnt get to me cause i knew today i was going to meet two special people! we went to 'le Loir dans la theiere' and god did we have some amazing cakes!
it was great to finally meet in real really made my day....i still feel a few hours is not enough so we decided to meet again next week! we exchanged some beautiful presents. I feel so lucky. BLog world is great but it's even better when u get to meet.


o l y said...

i feel supa lucky today, merci beaucoup for everything
, sososo good to meet you and your supa kawaii family !!!!!!! it's like dreaming !

see you again soon !!!!!!


Fine Little Day said...

So nice to see you, togheter :)) Wish I could have join you!

lili scratchy said...

great day ;)!!

chacha said...

J'aurais bien fais parti de la ballade : ) Super journée !

la casita said...

ah so nice and thank you girls for share that beautiful day...ciao

yu yasutake said...

nice nice!would love to join you three!

Jane O Sullivan said...

this is special can get so close on the blogs and then what ?...well done to make the trip YAY !!

mathilda said...

j'espère qu'on pourra aussi bientôt se retrouver autour de si bons gâteaux !

hiki said...

How exciting you meeting oly in paris!! I want to join you too!

mieke willems said...

that must be so cool, and also a little weird no? but very nice to meet them in 'real'! looks like a very nice dayè

lilie-melo said...

Quelles belles rencontres !

dead_mike said...

elle est trop belle x

Larisse K said...

Hello, I really like that petit pan store; but where in paris is it??? thank you in advance if you have the adress!

Larisse k