Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ok today i've been packing for our trip to P a r i s! so excited now! we've put together a mixed cd (til one in the morning) with samples of our songs for press...i wonder if they will like it.
well it doesn't make much difference for us but we're just curious. i've also finished the cd cover but it's not printed yet. oh here some hair things i made few days ago. hope you're having a great night... im off to bed ! - )
i like the start of the year so far!


fliss said...

I like your hair things you made :)
Have a great trip to P A r I s and best of luck with your cd.... will you share with us your music and artwork afterwards? take care. x

pomme said...

la ressemblance sur la première photo est frappante!
bon séjour sur Paris!

Fine Little Day said...

Good luck in Paris Gine and have fun! When can we hear the new cd? Great hair decorations :)

lilie-melo said...

Bon voyage...
ils vont adorer c'est sûr ! A Plus tard alors, après votre aventure parisienne.