Wednesday, June 23, 2010

heLLo! how are you all??
im still in paris with no camera it is very very hard!
we're going back to the south next sunday! yeah!i've been going through a period of wondering what to do next! so i might do a show in Sesame cafe in Paris (drawings) next year...
Anouki has been so cute as usual...he's been growing so fast...
a lot of girlfriend of mine are having baby girls at the moment i wish i had a girl next...
ah COCOON has a shop open
we're planning on making a very exciting website for MiLenka (my band) with interviews and documentaries on friends/Artists we know, love & work with like Superbravogirl
Camille, HOLDEN, MiDGET, Marc Boutavant (for now) live sessions...ect so i'LL keep you posted.


lili scratchy said...

Oh! suis désolée!!mais là vraiment,le mois de juin est passé et je n'ai pas eu un instant de libre!!
Pourquoi tous les spectacles,kermesses et concerts sont-ils en juin? En plus j'ai un bouquin à rendre début juillet!!
Je vous embrasse très fort tous les 3 et vous souhaite un bel été!!

cocon said...

oh gini! merci pour cocon!! Bon travail pour l'univers de ta belle musique !!! bises