Thursday, June 10, 2010

hellO !! we're back in Paris! if you 're around feeL free t o email me and we can meet up!
it's really hot here at the moment even if there is a few rain showers! i forgot my camera at my house so no photos for now! i so want cut my hair in the front (not the lenght) maybe i 'll do the same hair as anouki...ok tell us what YOU've been up to????
see ya!


misako mimoko said...

Hi Gini!!
lovely pics ♥
waiting to see this new hair cut :D
Hope you have a good time in Paris :)

Megumi said...

Hey beautiful ♥
That hair is cool. ;-) (and Anouki behind, eating..? so sweet. hehe)
Looking forward to see your new hair cut!
I am going hair cut on Monday (after 6 months of no hair cut..), woo excited..should I have Anouki hair too..? short and sweet. ♥
Wish you nice time at Paris ;-)