Thursday, October 13, 2011


 photo by Anna Emilia
i love these images found in sessun blog
it's a video of making cake
by the way could anyone tell me what camera is used on this video?
i've been looking at Oly'blog and Anna Emilia's gorgeous!
Like Anna im about to make a dreamcatcher!
i'll show u soon maybe we should start a big blog dreamcatcher making!?
tell me if u're up for it?


Maiken said...

Dreamcatcher blog, sounds like a great plan! Now I want to make one too :))

mathilda said...

dear gini,
a dreamcatcher blog? je file dans mon atelier ! l'idée de faire un dreamcatcher me trottait dans la tête depuis pas mal de temps...merci de remotiver les troupes !
bises m*