Thursday, October 6, 2011


hi hi!
we went to a beautiful alternative village called Eourres (the only shop there is a biocoop) = sorry if i wasnt around for a few days. just got those gorgeous earrings for 1 euro! i love opp shopping!
how is your week?
i have so many projects in my head!like moving to Paris, knitting, drawing for my future show in January in Paris, new songs for our new album....hum life is good. just read the the mayan calendar ends 28 Oct 2011 (the day after my birthday!)


Judith said...

These are such bright.happy pic's!
Your knitting and wool on the green grass,the children's books(i love the Magic Roundabout)organic apples and great opp shop earrings(i love opp shops!). A happy post!:)

C SATHAL said...

Oh yes life is good ! And beautiful with you :)

ola said...

when I was studying, my roomneighbour`s mother travelled with exactly such a basket full of garden-apples. she just took it everywhere with her and everybody could use the apples. this memory brought me your apple-pic. greetings