Thursday, December 15, 2011

tomorow Anouki's birthday!

                                    beautiful book by Beatrice alemagna 'what is a child'


naa said...

oh I love Beatrice's work!
Happy birthday to Anouki... I bet you'll have tons of fun tomorrow! :)

gini said...

merciiiii for him!
looking forward it so much!
xxxx love

C SATHAL said...

Happy happy nice birthday for the great Anouki !!

mathilda said...

happy 3 !!!!

Judith said...

Hope Anouki had a wonderful number 3 birthday...such a lovely age!
I have bought the Beatrice Alemagna book 'Bugs in blanket' for a special little person for Christmas after reading several of your posts about her's gorgeous!! Merci gini and i wish you and your family a happy,happy Christmas. :) :) :)

hiki said...

Oh I must be late gini but happy belated birthday for dear anouki!! Hope you all had a beautiful day celebrating :)

chacha said...

Happy Birthday Anouki ! Little lucky boy !!! ▼▼▼

gini said...

thank you so much for all your comments!! we celebrated Anouki birthday at least 3 times! he sung the happy birthday song!!
love to you all!