Sunday, December 4, 2011


a cat at my mother in law home (she has 9 cats now she used to have 12)

biO food, Anouki paints and an improvised furry character!


Megumi Pedersen ピーダーセン めぐみ said...

Hi hi Gini :-) sweet anouki♥ once we had 9 cats (3 cats we have now + 1 mom cat who was left by neighbour..+ her 5 kittens). I was busy mom! hehe. mom cat and kittens got new home, but I still miss them.. love from rainy denmark

Anonymous said...

Oh me too I would like to have lots of cats in the house, in the garden ... I love cats :)
Your dish looks delicious ! What is it exactly ?
Anouki is too cute ... Jolie bouille, and you dress him very well :)

See ya !