Friday, July 30, 2010

cooOoooOOOok !

clafouti with abricots

regis's drawing project

brownie with macademia nuts & rice milk

quiche tomato, mozzarella & tuna

cake with abricot & creme patissiere

tocotoco magazine i Love and Anouki little snack

potatoes + avocado mixed with lemon, ginger and soft tofu.

bonjour les amis!!
how are you?
me super good, manage to go to the open air swimming pool today. 30 minutes non stop swimming looking at the sky or trees. as you can see i've been cooking a lot lately...
i realised that my passions i life are
cooking, loving, anything to do with japan, drawing, singing, gardening (yes we have a tiny veggie patch: so far we grow parsley, salad and corn), blogging (meeting lovely & creative people). talk soon

i love ici marie tumblr
and Lauren manoogian jewellery (via ici marie)

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