Friday, July 2, 2010

i was so happy & lucky to receive gorgeous things from BEci Orpin!!!
(amazingly talented Australian designer& mum) thank you so much Beci, u rule!!
check her two labels ad her blog:
beci orpin shop
beci orpin blog
tiny mammoth


Kickcan and Conkers said...

Oh lucky you, I love that happy face cushion!

beci said...

thanks gini! anouki looks so sweet - a perfect tiny mammoth model. so happy that you all like!! xx

mathilda said...

hello gini! anouki est magnifique fille dit "oh mais il a grandi c'est plus un petit bébé " elle chante aussi " elle porte au cou une une une ribambelle d'étoiles" encore une fan !
merci pour ton message ,notre petit village s'appelle vitrolles en luberon près de manosque c'est un peu loin de chez toi ... mais si tu passes par là ,welcome!

fliss said...

I love beci's work and Anouki looks gorgeous in her clothing.
Your Milenka cd is "awesome".... thankyou so much, i have played it over and over, in the house and car too! the kids have learned some of the songs already!!!.