Saturday, July 17, 2010

fun fun fun

an improvised show of my work in front of our garden
a scarecrow we made
food we eat
a stamp we love
me as a kid


Fine Little Day said...

O Anouki look so much alike you! Both of you sweet as dolls :) Lovely photos Gini, and lovely work. You and me should have a barn togheter ;)

lili scratchy said...

Gini envoie moi par mail ton adresse ds le sud!!
je t'enverrai une carte et un sac de Paumes dès que je les aurais reçu!!


mathilda said...

ah tiens ! des courgettes rondes farcies chez nous aussi ... je t'ai envoyé un petit mail
bises ...

fliss said...

your days look peaceful with delicious food and creativity. enjoy .xx