Sunday, November 7, 2010

BeRLiN ♡

We went to Mauer Park market cold but we ♡ BerLin!so many places to see!


Mogu Takahashi said...

I'm looking forward to hear your Berlin life.
Enjoy! and see you very soon in Tokyo!
I will invite you my exhibition : )

La sirène said...

GéniaaAaales les photos, ça fait envie!!!! La vie est belle*

fliss said...

Looks like you are having fun. Enjoy your days discovering Berlin (your new home).YAY! for change!!!

dani said...

Hi Gini! Thanks for your sweet comment! I recently discovered your blog and I'm already a huge fan, your photos and art works are lovely and you have such an adorable family : )
I'm glad you like the memo games.. I don't sell them myself but hopefully Designtorget and Designista will soon put them online for sale so that people outside of Sweden can buy them too, I'll let you know!
Oh, you asked me how I ended up in Elle girl korea.. well, a very sweet girl from the magazine asked me if she could do an article on me, she had found my website and liked my illustrations. I was so excited to be in their beautiful magazine! x x dani