Friday, November 26, 2010

tocotoco speciaL

i was so happy to receive the new Tocotoco thanks to Mogu! she participated to this issue! i love it so much!Tocotoco is really my favorite japanese magazine (with SO-EN)
i can add another gorgeous Mogu card on my wall.
i made a little woolen doily.
can believe it is almost xmas! Anouki will be 2 by then and there will be snow im sure. (it already snowed today.


la casita said...

lovely crochet work gini, and drawings...keep warm : )

Elisabeth said...

Goodies, all goodies :)!

villasukka said...

lovely weekend from winter Finland.

dani said...

oh, lovely doily! i'm so curious about that magazine, all the pics look so nice. i'll have to order one and have a look!

Megumi said...

Anouki with peach cheaks♥♥ so kawaii! (o^^o) Oh tocotoco new issue looks so good! I must check it out too ;-) Love your corner... It is snowing a lot here too, sending love to my warm beautiful freind and famili.