Monday, November 1, 2010

i'm Loving these blogs:
lena Corwin new blog and mädchen blogt
not long till we pack our stuff and Live in BERLIN!


ameskeria said...

lot of luck!

lilly piri said...

Hope you have fun in Berlin, and I hope we get to see you!!

**We BLOG ARTISTS** said...

What a move!
I have always wanted to visit Berlin!
Thanks for the links.

gina said...

You too? This migration to
Berlin I find so intriquing.
All the best, best, best!

gini said...

thank you for your comments! we keep our mountains home gina so we can come here any time. Berlin seems the best for us right now (ecologically, cheap rents, artistically)
Lilly : yes let's meet when ever u can!!

la casita said...

What a great news!

montmarte said...

have fun moving, gini!
it sounds very exciting!