Tuesday, September 21, 2010

automn day & rasta hat

so much clothes! so little time! im seriously thinking of selling some of it in a little braderie on my blog. what do you think?
oh i made this little hat for 1 year old to 4 years old kid.
it is available in my shop
happy automn day!


minja said...

I really love your blog! And your music too :) thank you!

minja from finland

la casita said...

ha ha Gini your piles of clothes,
it reminds me of other times!

Bohème Circus said...

oui parfois il faut faire de la place pour laisser l'avenir se présenter, vider les placards pour laisser le nouveau faire son entrée !
This small rasta is very funny :) I like it!

fanja said...

impressionnant cette pile de vêtements!
ce bonnet rasta est trop mignon, il est très porté bien sûr xx

Journal de jours said...

Oh, wauw, that pile of textile, a dream. :)

Good luck with the selling.

misako mimoko said...

hehe! lovely and funny!! I'll meet Anouki too! :D