Saturday, September 11, 2010

food & knitting

food & crochet....
plus a new book i got from retrosaria.


la casita said...

Ohhh I love everything!
what a light, beautiful photos Gini!

hannna said...

oh what a cute book! and so many nice cosy pictures. and your crochet works are so nice! (trying to comment everything at once)

e v e l y n k a said...

thanks for your kind comment! i really like your blog, too! you just won a new reader! :)
i wish you a very nice day!

karin said...

Always like visiting here. Your photos look so familiar.
Have eaten recently something that seems to be very similar to what you show here: a mix of meringue, cream and raspberries. Was absolutely delicious!

Bohemian girl said...

The little vests on a fence, are they in the same Japanese book from Retrosaria? I am asking because I desperately need it, too (as my little son would express this wish).
I look here often, I like your crazy style.