Tuesday, September 28, 2010

finally 'toc toc' great magazine arrived from Caroline et geraldine's shop
and also amazing crochet book from retrosaria
wooden mushroom piggy bank & homemade headband in my shop!
we had special guest in the house who taught anouki 'high five'


adeline said...

j'adore les pattes d'ours d' Anouki!!!

asha said...

Seriously, cutest child I've ever seen in my life.

This is Asha! I will be emailing you back very soon. Thanks so much for replying. I can't wait to get my albums in the mail! :)

pomme said...

je me souviens encore de ton mail avec toutes ces incroyables envies et suggestions...j'avais tant aimé...

lilie-melo said...

hELLO miss Gini, j'ai manqué tant de belles choses !
Tout donne envie... Anouki est de plus en plus mimi ! Si tu as un moment Passez donc par ici... A bientôt. Bises