Friday, September 10, 2010

finally stopped breastfeeding ANouki after almost 21 months.
he's taking it really good. i am releived.
maybe it's time to consider a baby sister or brother?well i would love a little girl specially looking at these images.
here are some shots from a japanese books. (can't remember the name ! ( )
and also Anouki in our favorite japanese restaurant in Paris. rue st Anne. (old photos)


Mogu Takahashi said...

Oh! please take me the japanese restrant!
I love Edamame too :)

mathilda said...

oh c'est une grande nouvelle ! comment c'est passé le sevrage ?
même si c'est formidable , j'ai trouvé les derniers mois un peu pénibles et c'est vrai qu'on se sent soulagée !
à bientôt ...