Saturday, September 18, 2010

feel like automn


Back in the mountains after a few days in Nice...where we spend some times at a friend's amazing Home (soon some photos)
the Black & white bag is now in my shop!!!
hope you're having a great weekend!
oh and 2 blogs i Looove
rosa & journal de jours


Nina/littleperky said...

Wonderful pictures! I love the things in your shop!

Anonymous said...

That first picture is so full of life. Autumn is a beautiful season.

Journal de jours said...

Thank you so much for the link, love your blog to ! And you have a great style !

Love, Hermine

p.s. The picture of Björk on my blog did I found in a book about designer Bernhard Wilhelm.

Rosa said...

Such a beautiful cardigan you're wearing, did you make it? Thank you for the link :)

jasmin said...

Dear Gini
You are like an exotic Frida Kahlo-esque goddess. What a bright and gorgeous blog. And what a divine little angel that you share your world with. Thanks for visiting my new blog and for the lovely message.
Yes - please do follow and come back. You are always welcome. Yes - I live in Sydney, grew up here. Love it. Am about to visit Melbourne, so you can revisit there through my photos soon.
Sydney, Melbourne, JAPAN and NICE - wow - where else would a goddess choose to live ..... x

Toktokada said...

c'est toujours aussi beau dans vos montagnes !!!

Nina/littleperky said...

Thank ypu for your comment! My son is soon having his third birthday, and he´s having a 6 years old sister too :-).

gini said...

thank you thank you for all your comments!!!
talk very soon!
beautiful children you have here!!