Thursday, July 31, 2008

gOOd morning....terry richardson plus elvis plus corto maltese plus ginihahahahahahahha
i've been packing fOod and stuff for our little trip to ramatUelle at my brOther's bungaloo (next to fancy st tropez : ( soOn i'll give u the receipe to Ratatouille a la are some of the groceries for the weekend

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

eh hOp last One of the day.....

an Old sculpture Of mine i made fOr a shOw ,it's at dObry den shOp nOw in sydney sO far away

im hOping to pUt this design i made on a tshirt Or a bag One day....

lucky i have this: weleda cream...pregnant women must have...

these stamps that i made are my pride and joy!
if u like one of them i can make u
a special pOstcard...or a fabric shopping bag.....

this anOther postcard i made with my goccO machine......u can alsO buy it:

i wOuld like sOme hOt chocolate please....

i jUst made these little One but im wOndering what colOur to put on theM???

here is a pOstcard i make sO if you would like to buy it contact me :

i fOund this picture Of régis and i secretly hOpe our baby will lOok like this....anyway today is really hOt me and régis are at hOme dOing some drawing i made pain perdu (french tOast) with bananas and apple compOte....yummmy....

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

maryse newest find in the st jeannet flea market: an Owl box thank you maryse!


my friend kat's design in lOndon

i was lucky enOugh to get loads of freebies...well in exchange of sOme drawings of mine...i like this kind of arrangement

my favOrite pencil case by miss Beci Orpin, i remember making this drawing fOr her son's bedrOOm
my new myspace page here

and milenka my band here

Our puppet cOmpany link here

my friend lilli pirri's artwOrk

this fOto is nOw a year and a half Old!!!and now i can feel our baby in my belly

i went for a walk the Other day and i realised that they've cut the tree where the swing was...very sad
that's me soOn (in 4 months...heeheeheehee) we still dOn't knOw if we should call him ginko
gustaf tenggren, régis made me discover this amazing illustrator
les amOureux de Peynet is a little bit like me and régis
mary blair designs
a very very special day fOr us (1st jUne)
i lOve this Old picture at my mum's hOuse
mary blair designs
i love ku;;ku smiggun designs!!!!

i need to find out if it's Mary blair artwOrks
i lOve this pictUre of timOthé (régis nephew)
my favOrite bird kookaburra from AUstralia my favOrite place Of all
le flyer
claire bOucl @ our Opening...@ petit paris café my illustrations are just behind
claire boucl amazing window installation

spring is here!!!!!
capUcine dressed up
timOthé dressed up too

régis and his Kalimba

the day i made a mini world.....
i lOve babOOshka dOlls....i can't wait to go to russia one day
our little mascotte when we do a gig

the mOst beautiful garden: maryse my mOther in law.....goddess with green hands

12 cats on maryse bed
the day we went to Valberg ski station to do a puppet shOw!!we thought we would never make it, but we did and it was amazing!!!
me and my lovely goccO machine!!! i love it...i made nice postcards....except that i ve been carrying it so much i don't know where i've put it

siMon et régis the alchemists

in my kitchen
i lOve nature

nO comment

weird ustensiles and machinery at kabuki's mum kiné doctor 's rOom.....

it was a warm sunny sunday and we made the, celine with petit pois et emmanuelle esther and many mOre.....
i lOve this !!!
mOre snOw on our balcony
the puppet i made for the puppet show we made with régis

i had to get sOme of that but i did want to break it

when it snowed in my village bézaudun les alpes
did i mention that i LOOOOOOOOve yoshitomo nara???
a cute little scenery in a gallery in Nice

i Love le petit Paris my friend's marianna café in Nice

ahaha that's what im dreaming about...
me, dreaming while eating with celine ...
loic and jean baptiste
me, enjoying loic's slide show
william kayne in Paris....very smart looking
this very very special picture is making me cOok more cakes
régis in the metrO when we went to Paris for a gig
this is what we should with the top Of poireaux vegetable
i love this picture found in régis old books soooo inspiring
a beautiful horse from the farm next to us
ohoh that's me....
why do i like lights so much
sweet memories frOm my childhOOd
chapi chapo rules!!!
cute Bow hairpin given to me by emmanuelle esther...
i used to draw swans all the time when i was a kid..i once saw a black swans famili in new zealand:fantastic!!
my windOw with cute paper cuts and the name of our bands
the Ones that keep me company when i draw...
anOther great find in a flea market in Nice
little cat i lOve 50's porcelein.....
Ouiiiii i lOve barbapaapa in my kitchen
rainbow of the feutres.....
it toOk me sooo long to arrange these pens (feutres in french)
another frind of mine found in a flee market in Nice
admiring the view frOm my balcony....
gOupil my other cat wearing a bOw by emmanuel esther
PAtOu my cat with sOme leggings made by my friend emmanuel esther
kiki my Old time friend
this my biOgraphy....