Monday, March 30, 2009

stiLL raining...., it's very foggy, i can't even see the moutain....i recorded bébé singing...
im making yet another cake but i had to improvise: apple, banana yogurt cake with chocolate icing...i'LL let u know how it went!
i've been learning a song by Jorge ben for a compilation by the blogotéque...
i've been listening to "peau d'ane"...
i like this picture taken in reunion island where my dad is from.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

tim in milk magazine website

LOOK de RUE 5 Mars

"Décidément ! Hier Bambi, aujourd'hui Jack Sparrow ! La vie vous réserve de ces surprises ... Voilà un jeune homme qui assume son look de pirate à 100%. Le caban est impeccable (et indispensable). L'ample chemise blanche a été troquée au profit d'un large top souple en jersey aubergine, ceinturé comme il se doit. On distingue un gilet sans manches gris qui pointe le bout de sa martingale. Détail subtil : des rayures oui, mais sur son pantalon en jersey, rentré dans des bottes qui semblent en avoir foulé des ponts, en parcourant les 7 mers... On sent les embruns, jusque dans sa chevelure... Bon vent matelot !"
tim is a super star!régis's nephew is also in the monoprix catalOg....oulala

it's raining

bOnjour, today we feeL lazy...a little chai tea wiLL do us good. Anouki's laugh asweLL...
we went to Nice and i took a picture of these cute cats! i wish there were not in a window...animaLs are not a human property!Hope u have a great weekend.....

Monday, March 23, 2009

i am a mother

i love motherhood... today i made chocolate flAns with brioches. i've received the most amazing books : yurio Seki japanese graphic designer ordered through amazon uk (cheaper then amazon france) and from the same author a felt salvia book from pomadour 24's shop on etsy.
im gonna sew an ipod pocket for C and finish her little package for our exchange arragement with things we collect. thank u again Pryscille for this beautiful wooL jumper...
oh i think anouki could look like this little boy one day?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

heLLoooOoo, sunny sunday happy.
we didnt gO out, toO windy.
i managed to sleep a little and had weird dreams,
some people say it's when u eat cheese?
regis is stiLL tidying downstairs ; so we'LL soon have a beautifUL studiO and we can record our 2nd albUm...
im making parmesan rice and courge gratin but it wiLL never be as gOod as regis mum's one.
yesterday we went to Nice very early morning, so when we arrived in the old town vieux Nice, we enjoyed a pain au chocolat at a sunny café. we also went to the biblioteque and got some dvds and children books. i watched Kate Bush story: so coOL.
i saw my beautifUl friends R, C and M. we changed Anouki's nappy in the streets like bohemians i lOved it. and he did too.
lOok at this picture of me...looks like sOmeone i know.

Friday, March 20, 2009

it's snOwing!!!!! iL neige!!!

weLL well, i thought it was gonna be
spring any days nOw bUt it's snOwing
as im writing!sO we're gonnA staY
hOme and make sOme
hOt chocolate
and a cake!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

3 mOis

mOn enfant, 3 mois deja que tu poussais ton premier chant....

Monday, March 16, 2009

we went to a nice organic café in Nice. Falabrac, 3 rue benoit bunico.
Anouki is wearing prune tights and had a bath at his mémé.
a package i got from retrosaria pOrtugal.
i also went shopping and got some beautiful african fabriks.
i made organic yoghurt. to be eaten with jam.
and a vintage Paddington soap & Belle and sebastian book.