Saturday, February 28, 2009

new milk!

chaud devant

my kitchenwhile im making a cake (recipe out of 'le club Barbie')

my darling, my love

i love these !for next xmas with Anouki

my new atelier!

fabric frOm ikea

Yes! we're back in our old Home in Bezaudun. im so happy! so i've been redecorating...also i took pictures of Maryse ( Anouki's grandma) beautiful things....

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


we've finally left Coursegoules village to go back to our hOme in Bezaudun, i call it ATELIER
it makes me very happy

Sunday, February 8, 2009

pti tim

Timothé, regis's nephew is the new marithé
and françoise girbaud new face for 2009 collectiOn...


Bonjour, we had a gig in leBroc village
church...with merakhaazan on cellO soon on dailymotion...
today we Organised ourself to move back to our Old hOme in Bezaudun...
sO a trip to IkEA is necessary this week.....and i can't wait...anouki
was so happy today he's been mumbling and smiling...sO cUte.
Regis's mum 's been staying with us ...i made a chocolate cake for her and my brother
im now the queen of that recipe