Wednesday, June 30, 2010

my wall

my waLL at the moment

bonjour! here are some photos finaLLy! I Love ZAKKA magazine, come Home and nani Iro.ELisabeth beautifuL print, cards ad goodies
Mogu's paper. bobori favorite place. Anouki body paint.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


here are recording session photos with Mocke and Claire from Midget
im back in the mountains! finally.
it is very hot here but i managed to cook 2 cakes and a quiche (now it's even hotter in the house)
i really want to start thinking what to do next for the 2 months coming?
what are your plans?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

mOuk cartoon

Look here is a video of our friend's MArc Boutavant a cartoon based on his great book mouk!

anna emilia

Anna Emilia is one of my favorite artist, she's just opened an online store with amazing prints! enjoy
Anna Emilia store here

heLLo !
yesterday we went walking all day!PAris is getting real hot and i cannot wait to be back in the south to at least get into the sea!
so yesterday we went to this cute café where you can rent a sewing machine for an hour!
the drinks are organic and the cakes are fantastic!And the girl who owns it is super nice, so i recommend if you're in Paris go check it out...

13 rue Lucien Sampaix

75010 Paris

Tél : 09 52 85 47 41

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

heLLo! how are you all??
im still in paris with no camera it is very very hard!
we're going back to the south next sunday! yeah!i've been going through a period of wondering what to do next! so i might do a show in Sesame cafe in Paris (drawings) next year...
Anouki has been so cute as usual...he's been growing so fast...
a lot of girlfriend of mine are having baby girls at the moment i wish i had a girl next...
ah COCOON has a shop open
we're planning on making a very exciting website for MiLenka (my band) with interviews and documentaries on friends/Artists we know, love & work with like Superbravogirl
Camille, HOLDEN, MiDGET, Marc Boutavant (for now) live sessions...ect so i'LL keep you posted.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

hellO !! we're back in Paris! if you 're around feeL free t o email me and we can meet up!
it's really hot here at the moment even if there is a few rain showers! i forgot my camera at my house so no photos for now! i so want cut my hair in the front (not the lenght) maybe i 'll do the same hair as anouki...ok tell us what YOU've been up to????
see ya!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

crochet & peruvien boy!

i've been knitting for 2 girlfriends who are gonna have a baby soooon!wish i could knit like a peruvian!

come under the tipee....

merci merci merci!
thank you to
alessandra, nat and Fliss! for ordering my cd and for their lovely post , i'm very touched!
thank you for supporting us and for them who are curious and would like to buy my album
i cannot stress enough how this album was made with all my heart and it means a lot to me.
the songs were inspired by Nature, motherhood, giving birth, tribes, ect....