Monday, August 31, 2009

gini's treasures boutique is OPEN !

Yes aFter many hours of wOrk, years of coLLecting, im finaLLy opening my stOre so here it is hOpe u Like it...give me sOme feedaback...

gini's treasures

a LittLe food break

ah! i think i deserve this LittLe yummy pLate! Organic quinoa with chestnuts, raisins, avocado, tomatoe, basiL and a Veggie gaLette fLat cake..aLL that in the sun...

sOon my shOp...

BonjOur! Today im very busy setting my OnLine vintage store...with posters and postcards Like these!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Did i ever teLL u how much i Love Nounours...puppet animation from my childhood...
why is it that people stopped making these instead of 3D animated horrible cartoon i see on tv nOwadays?such a shame...weLL i wiLL show old videotapes to Anouki that's for sure...
we went to Régis's parents home and picked figues.Miam!
and i don't usually like cLown they scare me but i Love this wooden one he would be perfect for a cartoon (maybe we should try to make our own stop animated movies for kids)
i've been inspired by fine Little shOp to do my own Little shop with things i've coLLected over the it wiLL be avaiLabLe sOon...

MilK septembre

MiLk is OUT ! and u can have a LittLe LoOk

Here coMes the sun videO MiLenKa!

Bonjour! here is the videO we made for a cover competition, we chose 'here comes the sun' by the BeatLes:
we had so much fun making it...i do LooK a bit siLLy but neverMind!heehee

Thursday, August 27, 2009


fine LittLe day's cLowns foLLowing my feet around ...

Régis 's drawing...we're thinking of making a book with them
so i need a story...

HeLLo! today we're finishing the video and we're gonna go BLackberry picking miam!
here are sOme fabriks i Like in my home...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

stephanie Simek and SmafOLk

aLors! hej !
hOpe you're aLL weLL...i just received another parceL , from Danemark this time SmafOLk a great kid's clothes company that does organic coton stuff and i Love the 70's styLe tees...Régis was happy to receive a parceL from America, he was asked a few months ago to contribute to Stephanie SimeK jewellery 's project. So here is the finaL product : a piece of jeweLLery made out of a tape, a cd with one song Régis did under his music name Looks so good!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

im back!

we're gonna use this idea for our video

and the best for Last : Fine Little shoP ELisabeth Dunker amazing mag and mOre goodies beLow...

CaMille gaves Anouki Cute toweLs froM shinzin Katoh

a beautifuL penciL pouch from Theresia here
stationnary and Magazine from Uguisu online store here

Emma Adbage booK!how great!

a new bag from H&M

Le Loir dans la théire café

régis 's drawings on MUJI paper

WeLL heLLo!!! im finaLLy back!!!ah how i missed my moutain! it's so much cooLer here and this morning i saw the sun bLessed! today we have wonderfuL friends on hoLiday with us! (AustraLian and gerMan couPle) so we're gonna show them around and make a video...take a look at this one it's amazing!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

OK im back from Paris!! and i'LL post some pictures sOon...hope you are all weLL...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

MaRk BorThwiCk

i lOve MarK BortHwickphotos

August in Paaris

funny LittLe character on my drink!

a cute Little hat...Anouki got the funniest
one from tata PrysciLLe's holiday in sweden/i'LL show you soOn...

AdoLf born boOk we have at hOme

we are stiLL in Paris;
we wanted to go to 'l au petit bonheur la chance" store but it was closed
we wanted to go to "bonton" store but it was closed
we wanted to go to the"swedish institute" but it was closed
we wanted to go to "petit atelier"
but it was closed
ok not so great to go to Paris in August hehe.
SoOn we'LL be home and i wiLL have a LOt things i've ordered in my postbox excited!
and aLso i'LL be able to show you some pictures i took before i run out of battery.
the weather was reaLLy hot today, we stayed in the garden...
hOpe u aLL had a good day...

Thursday, August 13, 2009


WeLL...i was very happy to meet Yasu froM the BLog AAA we had a drink at 'Le loir and la theire' rue des was so nice and we also went rue St PauL where there is tones of nice shops.
today im going second hand shopping with ChLoé, CamiLLe and PrysciLLe!
talK sOOn

Fine Little ShOp

Fine LittLe shOp has been Updated yeah!!! here

Monday, August 10, 2009

Emma Adb°age

yes im so hAppy im might have this wOnderfuL boOk in My hands soOn....hihihi from amazing swedish iLLustratOr eMMa Adbage here

Sunday, August 9, 2009

been watching a documentary on Yoshitomo Nara... here