Friday, February 19, 2010


ooOops did i say there was no guitar in this album ....i lied.

waou! thank you for your comments for MiLenka!it warms my heart! i've received lots of package today! SO EN magazines & SaLvia booklet from great onlinestore UGUISU thank you HIKI!Also thank you chacha for these wonders from your shop saison! welldone lili! & last but not least! thank you Mogu for tocotoco magazine that i love too and the little special badges and cards! have a great day all! now i can go & read it all (well at least look at the photos since i don't read japanese!)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

new sOngs!!!

heLLo!!! everyOne!
i have 2 new songs on myspace so please check them out and teLL me what you think....
we decided to go INDEPENDANT until we find a record company we feel fit our vision of fair music industry .
so we need you
we need you to pass the message
we need you to give us feedback like : design ideas for live sets, eco friendly ways of printing our Album
we need you to give us any suggestions our ears are wide open!
Our aLbum will be out in ApriL...
Love & thank you for your support

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lucky boy sunday!

Ohoh what a day! Lovely megumi send me the best presents ever 'including this hat for anouki from Lucky boy sunday!thank you so much!!!
i love her fantastic shop check it out!and also her blog
we recorded a few more things it's getting there! we'll be doing gigs in Nice & Paris in apriL and maY...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

mogu iphone!

Oh check out this Mogu 's artwork as a wallpaper!

snow again....

a lot of snow fell today on our a blizzard. Yesterday we went for a big walk and we went to see the round house in our neighborhood ...we would love to have one like this one day...

Friday, February 5, 2010

oh thank you for your comments about eco village,
you know it's not about giving up on all good things of's just going back to nature using modernity wisely...

ah these days it was raining but now it's time for a good sunshine...
Anouki has been putting his tongue out quite a lot today...he's been dancing and putting potatoes in a bag, he has also been getting everything i asked him to....oh i can see myself abusing about this: 'go get mummy this, go get mummy that! 'haha, quite handy mister Anoukiii. Oh and look at me in this fake fur coat. ohlala i look like a movie star or a 70's prostit..haha
well im selling this coat cheap, if anyone's want it let me know.

have a good night