Saturday, May 28, 2011

Friday, May 27, 2011


Bonjour, today was very enrichissant/ fullfilling:rewarding.
we went to the first ever created Freinet schooL. it was so beautiful they even have an outdoor swimming pool.
now we just have to wait for an aswer. we also watched this great movie (in french) about education in les amanins here which so moving! and here is one of my favorite book of all time (in french) SAVOIR REVIVRE yo
u can actually read it fully online!
ps: would love to meet this person

Thursday, May 26, 2011


ToMorow, we're taking Anouki to meet the Freinet school director in Vence. They say there is no more space but we're first on the line so they want to meet us in case there's a space. (you never know) makes me wonder about our schools in France. i really want Anouki to learn the essentials.
making a veggie patch, working with wood, developp his artistic skills, find his passion in life, respecting nature & people....

théme autour des cerises

this really makes me want to find a new nest, a bigger home where me, Regis and Anouki could have our own spaces....and of course in the country... a wooden home or a Yourte.

a very old freinet booklet made by children


breathtaking nature

le Lauzet

near Barcelonette

anouki @ the Gouttes d'O near Entrevaux

just came back from an amazing trip around the high Alps. This makes me want to find a nest in the fields somewhere in this world....One day.